Ember and Wildfire Resistant Vulcan Vents.

Vulcan Vents help your home protect itself.

  • Install Vulcan Vents in numerous construction materials: Wood (FF), Stucco (S) as well as with Mil Core (SMC) and Foam Back (FB), Fiber Cement (FC), and more.
  • Cutout size list
  • Custom applications and copper are also available upon request

Vulcan Vents are made as:


Made for superior circulation and ease of installation in new buildings, Can be installed in soffits or eaves, but are most common is soffits. For new construction, continuous vents are often the preferred choice, offering ease of installation and great ventilation.


Dormers (much like gables) offer large areas of ventilation in a vertical orientation and are best when used as high up as possible on the roof. Climate considerations should be taken into account when considering dormers.


Eaves are the overhanging ledges of a roof and are usually diagonal. Many of our eaves use a ‘drop in’ style with wings that can be adjusted to your material and cut out size, and are horizontally oriented. Eaves without suffixes or with RT are for rafter and truss installation, where spacing is commonly imprecise. These have ‘wings’ or tabs to install easily in those variably spaced rafters/trusses.


Foundation vents are vertically oriented and are important for allowing the crawlspace or basement to ventilate out moisture to prevent rot from setting in.

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